High Performance Motors

When performance is critical we provide the best solution.
Our motors are up to 15-80% (depending on applications) better performance than competitive brands within similar envelope.
We are specialized in the design and production of custom high performance brushless motors (linear, rotary, arc).

Motor Technology and Design Solution

We have the original design solutions and technologies for design and manufacturing the new high performance motors.
We provide traditional slotted motors with better performance and/or innovative motors (slotless, ironless, etc.) with a lot of benefits.

25 Years Motor Experience

Several thousand models of special electric motors for high precision application were designed.

Brushless motors: slotless and slotted, housed and frameless, including water cooled.
Range: diameter from 15 mm to 2500 mm, speed from 40000 rpm to 2 rpm.

Linear motors: ironless, iron core, slotless and slotted, including air and water cooled.
Range: envelope from 5 x 15 x 15 mm to 200 x 500 x 900 mm, travel unlimited.

Disc motors: axial and radial, ironless and slotless.
Range: diameter from 15 mm to 800 mm, speed from 6000 rpm to 100 rpm.

Voice coil motors: cylindrical and rectangular.
Range: diameter from 15 mm to 300 mm, cross-section from 20 x 25 to 80 x 150 mm.

Other motors: arc motors, hollow shaft motors, motors for vacuum application, etc.

Motor Design Aspects

The method of motor design is based on consideration of all multi-physics and technology aspects (electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, manufacturing method, etc.).

Motor Design Tools

We utilize state of the art custom engineering software solution, which allows creating algorithms and calculations using custom scripting language, and automating commercial engineering applications. The software uses sophisticated parametric modeling techniques, allowing multi-objective optimization, while storing all algorithms, methods, documentations, drawings and computing results in object-oriented database. Our software provides integration with commercial finite element analysis and engineering software as well. We also implement complex calculations (finite elements, finite differences, boundary elements, integral equations, etc.) using C++, C#, VB.NET, and FORTRAN within our system, resulting in higher accuracy and less computing time than commercial engineering software.

Complete Motor Solution

We provide the complete solution for electric motors (design, manufacturing method, technology, prototypes and production).